We have entered the Anthropocene, the age of men, and have changed the world around us beyond anything we could have ever imagined. Much of this change has happened only during the past millennium and in this blink of an eye men has triggered a change in the planet's climate and a mass extinction. Only now we realize that we are part of the nature we have been shaping and exploiting to suit our needs without considering the consequences. Only now we realize that if nature suffers so will men. Ireland is one the countries where this suffering can already be felt.

The changing climate, plastic pollution and habitat destruction have taken their toll on Ireland's nature, its landscape and wildlife and this small island at the edge of the European continent is looking into an uncertain future.

This project will have a look at the current state of Ireland's habitats, its plants and animals, its so-called wild and unspoiled places and its national parks and nature reserves. It might well be the last chance to see...

The Team

Carsten Krieger is a photographer and author based in County Clare. Over the years he has photographed, written and contributed to a number of books including Ireland's Wild Atlantic Way, Ireland's Coast, The Wildflowers of Ireland and Ireland's Wildlife Year. For more information visit the Carsten Krieger Photography website.



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