Ireland is a small island at the edge of Europe with a reputation to be wild and unspoiled, shaped only by the forces of nature. Unfortunately this is not entirely true.

The Irish landscape is a as much a product of natural processes as it is a fabrication of millennia of human interference. Ever since the first farmers settled in Ireland some 6000 years ago, men has been shaping the land to fit its needs.

Today we are living in a time of great change and Ireland is not only vulnerable to its homemade problems, industrialized farming being only one example, but also feels the effects of global threats like climate change and plastic pollution.

Habitats are disappearing at an alarming rate, familiar weather patterns are changing, seasons are shifting and with them the behaviour and distribution of plants and animals.

Ireland's Nature Stories will have a look at the past, present and future of Ireland's landscape. We will explore the country's habitats, its coast, peatlands, forests, mountains and grasslands. We will visit iconic places like the Burren and the Bog of Allen and will try to find Ireland's often elusive plants and animals. It might be our last chance to see...



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Carsten Krieger - Photographer, author and founder of Ireland's Nature Stories

In 2002 I moved to Ireland to start a new life as a landscape and nature photographer. Since my childhood I had been interested in the natural world and when I wasn't out chasing bugs or looking for wildflowers I was in my room reading about them.

After I had settled into my new existence on the Irish west coast I became involved in the unfortunately short lived environmental magazine Rocky Road and was working with the Irish Peatland Conservation Council while they established the Bog of Allen Nature Center in Lullymore. At the same time I was working on what would become my first book The Fertile Rock - Seasons in the Burren. After the book was published in 2006 things fell into place and I was given the opportunity to photograph and write my own books and to contribute to other publications. These include The Wildflowers of Ireland, Heritage Trees of Ireland, This is the Burren and commercial titles like Ireland's Wild Atlantic Way and Ireland's Ancient East. The latter lead to numerous assignments for Tourism Ireland and other organizations in the travel industry which kept me busy for a number of years.

In 2018 travel fatigue kicked in and I felt I had to go back to my roots and work on projects I really care about and out of this Ireland's Nature Stories was born.

All content © 2020 by Carsten Krieger - no reproduction without written permission

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