News - December 2020

For the past few months I have been dabbling with filming birds at the Shannon Estuary. I have always been interested in video but never really got into it until now - bird' behaviour is much more interesting in moving pictures than it is in still images. This is why I added a Video page and the plan is to produce a series of short clips over the coming months and see where that leads.

News - August 2020

I finished a complete overhaul of the website and added a few new pages in the process. The main addition is a shop where you can purchase fine art prints and e-books and by doing so help me keeping this site going.

News - July 2020

I have just published my first e-book. Silent Spring is a nature journey from the spring equinox to the summer solstice made during the first wave of the Covid-19 pandemic. The e-book is available from the Shop.