The Estuary

Tarbert Power Station

Grey Heron at Carrigaholt Pier

Carrigaholt Castle

Rinevella Bay with Rehy Hill

Spring Sunrise at Rinevella Bay

Rehy Hill

Feral Goats

Rinevella Bay and Kilcredaun

Rinevella Beach

Yellow Horned Poppy

The Estuary near Doonaha

Doonaha Beach

Kilbaha Pier

Kilbaha Bay

Common Seals

Blackweir Bridge

Querrin Saltmarsh

Oyster Beds at Poulnasherry Bay

Sea Lavender at Poulnasherry Bay

High Water Line

Channelled Wrack

College Strand

College Strand and Carrigaholt Castle

Common Milkwort

Estuary Shore

Shannon Dolphins

Bow Riding

Mother & Calf

Shannon Dolphins

Curlew with Shore Crab

Kildysert, Summer

Kildysert, Winter

Sunrise at the Fergus Estuary Mudflats

Fergus Estuary Mudflats

Mudflat Detail



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