The Estuary

Grey Heron at Carrigaholt Pier

Rinevella Bay with Rehy Hill

The Estuary near Doonaha

Doonaha Beach I

Doonaha Beach II

Kilbaha Bay

Rinevella Beach

Rehy Hill

Rinevella Bay and Kilcredaun

The Drowned Forest I

The Drowned Forest II

The Drowned Forest III

Yellow Horned Poppy I

Yellow Horned Poppy II

Sea Lavender

High Tide Mark

College Strand I

College Strand II

Common Seals

Feral Goats

Shannon Dolphins I

Shannon Dolphins II

Shannon Dolphins III

Shannon Dolphins IV



Kildysert, Summer

Kildysert, Winter

Fergus Estuary Mudflats

Mudflat Detail

Estuary Shore

Common Milkwort

Channelled Wrack



Blackweir Bridge


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